Hi, I'm Lauren Saunders (Lauren Marie).

In a condensed introduction- I love music (listening and making), fashion and styling, laughing and being foolish and running about, viewing and creating art, culture and travel, sports and the outdoors. I am a 24 year old MBA student (focus in Marketing) with an undergraduate science degree in behavioural neuroscience who recently left a position as a technical designer for Canadian Women's fashion retail chain (to study full-time). I could easily add more unrelated (but honest) attributes to the list but maybe I'll put an end to it now- try and be even a little mysterious.

To tell you exactly what this blog is about would be an extremely difficult task. It is about me, it is about what I like, it is about everything. It is a way for me to find personal confidence, truthfulness, and calmness of mind. It is a vehicle of creative growth and exploration. It is a way for me to teach myself to live and learn in the moment instead of always anticipating the next big thing.

I want to truly live; to experience everything and do everything and learn everything and sometimes I want it all at once. I know that I have already accomplished great things in life, both big and small but I want to keep going and moving with purpose to really test my capabilities.

I just mean that I really do like everything and I really want to do everything... and I am going to do it all. This blog will serve as virtually documented proof.

If you have any questions, comments, etc., please feel free to email me at laurenmsaunders@gmail.com.