Sunday, June 12, 2011

like brrrr.

It is freezing cold and windy today in St. John's, Newfoundland. We are barely hitting 7 degrees (C). Wouldn't mind waking up and seeing some sunshine some day soon. To keep my spirits up, I needed a reminder of the one nice, sunny, day we had so far.


Weekday. 2:00pm. 4 hours in a park. Sun. Loving life. Unemployment.

Songs in the park


ultimate relaxation

There were so many children climbing this tree

Thursday, June 9, 2011

my fix.

What a stressful few weeks. I've been completely trapped in a study coma but I'm refusing to get into it. So, instead, I'm going to ignore and focus on the fun things I enjoy..  like being extremely giddy about getting dressed up and going places.

I adore fashion and (especially) styling. Selecting unlikely pieces to go together in an outfit brings me great joy. I like my own personal sense of style and have become more comfortable taking risks and trying new things. Being a full-time student and thus having limited funds with which to purchase high quality pieces has proved to be tricky business for my fashion inclined heart. Thus, filling my clothing void has become much more of a creative process. I find GREAT excitement in taking things I've had for years and just styling them in a new way.

I ignore pieces I see in store if I know that I can't wear them to multiple occasions, in multiple seasons, dress them up or dress them down (This may be necessity considering Newfoundland does not experience defined seasons). It's usually not "I love this shirt", but "I love how I could pair this shirt with something else to make an outfit that I recently dreamt about", and then I break that outfit down into other variations.

A holistic approach?

For me, the key to redesigning your wardrobe is "Lookbooks". When I shop online, I IMMEDIATELY go the the "Lookbook" page to see how the stylist has pieced together the collection. Not only does this give you a quick look at what they have to offer, but it often provides a different perspective on how to pair things.

Many times I stop myself and say, "hmm I have something very similar to that in my closet right now". I organize what I want based on the outfit I imagine.. not the piece. Fashion magazines are good for this as well. If you can manipulate what you already own in order to get a look you desire then you feel stylish, you feel as sense of accomplishment, and you saved a bunch of moneys. ohhh yeah.

My favorite place to look for ideas is the J. Crew catalogue. I receive one in the mail every month and I swear to God it is GLORIOUS. They have a unique way of styling that combines more higher end, dressy items with casual basics. They also have the BEST color stories. Lime green with mauve, or golden brown with burgundy. If there is a group of colours you would never imagine would go together, J.Crew will find a way to make it work and it always looks amazing.

The Sartorialist is another wondrous place to look for ideas. The most beautiful street fashion from New York to Paris and elsewhere. Yum.

Because I put a lot of time and consideration into selecting what to wear each day (with the exception of the occasional oversleep disaster where I pick up and pull on whatever is on the floor..and closest to my bed), I thought it was about time I started making a few of those "outfit" posts I see so often (and love) on other blogs.

I haven't actually taken the time to do this yet. I plan on it and I will. In the meantime, I figured I would post some pictures of styles that have inspired me over the last few months and some from the last few days (it is a bit of everything). Drool. 

Roots Spring Collection

J.Crew. denim on denim. swoon. Love how the flat gladiator sandals help keep the sexiness of the bare shoulders and mini at a subtle level. If she were wearing heels it would be too much. 
I love everything about this. via The Clothes Horse

Yum. via The Guilty Hyena

Glamour. via

Emma Watson's whole outfit is amazeballs. As is the entire Burberry Prorsum S/S 11 collection.
via The Sartorialist
H&M Fall 2011 via Refinery 29- I need these orange leather gloves in my life.