Monday, November 14, 2011

"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen."

I came across an article on The 99 Percent today entitled "Making Big Decisions and Mastering the Consequences" and thought I would share.  I love finding connections between business, creativity and life and when I read articles like this one, I can't help but see the overlap.

My favorite part of the article was when the author mentioned that when decisions are made, one must "understand that you will shape the outcome". You do not just sit back and see how things unfold, you must actively engage to ensure success.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

she colours up the sunshine hours.

Lately, as an artist, I have been completely and hopelessly uninspired. I have started several paintings but they are all just sitting in my bedroom (aka art studio and hermit cave of emotion), unfinished and kind of unfortunate looking. I have one half started boat and a night skyline that I painted over an abstract that turned out looking like a gigantic vagina (Win?). I'm going to blame this slump on overall busy-ness, with school and work (new job!) and general self analysis that I always seem to get myself caught up in.

So I figured, considering I have been a total blob and haven't been up on my blog posts or painting endeavours, I would share with you a few of my favorite pieces as of late (normally, found by my scouring of art blogs and reading of various magazines and online articles).  I usually just post what I find to my Pinterest account and come back and have a look when I'm feeling like starring incessantly at the blank canvas is just too much to handle. It helps! My apologies for not having the names of all the artists available (horrible of me). I forgot to tag them when I added the images to the Pinterest account and now I cannot seem to find the permalinks. Blasted interwebz.

Here's to increased artistic and intrinsic motivation!


Artist unknown. via allthemountatins

Willem de kooning. Pirate untitled II 1981

Next three paintings are by an artist named Michael Cina. Check his website out here. Seriously, his work is some of my favorite. Love the color choice and textures. 

Trying Is the First Step To Failure,  Michael Cina

Leave the Future Behind,  Michael Cina

Draw Near, Michael Cina

Note: I have been meaning to go to Kent Building Supplies and buy a shit ton of wood to use instead of canvas. I love the way the acrylic paint sits on wood. Got some fun ideas for projects!

A collaged map by Matthew Cusick. Check out some more via BOOOOOOOM!

 Sean Clark

Unknown artist. Via The Edit
Note: You would think I had a thing with skeletons or something? Not the case at all really. I was just extremely impressed with the color choice on both of these pieces. Very unique and wonderful. Couldn't help but totally love skeletons for these two.

Zoe Pawlak
Listening to: Joni Mitchell- Conversation

Note: title adapted from lyrics from Joni Mitchell's "Ladies of the Canyon"